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An "Of Two Minds" Essentials

An Of Two Minds Essentials℠ is a sharply focused discussion of one of the core issues of our era.

While each is a stand-alone book (Kindle ebook and print), the Essentials℠ shed light on the new socio-economic era we are entering.

The Essentials are compact (less than 30,000 words) and affordable.

CNBC Top Alternative Finance Website

Charles Hugh Smith's blog has been rated the #7 Top Alternative Financial News site by CNBC.

Praise for Charles Hugh Smith

Charles is one of the preeminent thinkers of our time, not only exposing what is wrong with the underlying structure of our institutions but what we can do about it.

-- Mark Jeftovic - easyDNS

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Charles Hugh Smith in conversation with SpokenTome's Mark Jeftovic Audiobooks presents Charles Hugh Smith in conversation with Mark Jeftovic. Charles discusses his book "A Radically Beneficial World", the monetary system, and creating meaningful work for all.

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Author Bio

Charles Hugh Smith
My work does not fit into any ideological box; indeed, I view all ideologies as obsolete and misleading.

Measured in terms of money I am not rich, but measured in friendships, health and output, I feel very wealthy indeed. I like my work and feel there is purpose in independent critiques of the Status Quo and in the positive view I have of the next iteration of our economy and society.
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